As part of MIPS, CMS pays for and conducts group level CG-CAHPS for participating clinics of 25 plus providers. CG-CAHPS has been designed [and appropriately named] to measure patient experience at the clinician or group level – depending on the number of providers / clinicians in a group [defined as billing under one tax ID]. If CMS is going to conduct my CG-CAHPS survey, why should our clinic consider physician-level patient experience measurement?

We are asked this question almost daily.

  • Any group of 25 or more providers that merely relies on the ‘free’ CG-CAHPS survey will register scores for the group but will not necessarily have statistical measures for identifying low performing providers who may be pulling the group scores down. Conversely, high performers who are leading the group go unrecognized.
  • 2014 results will impact 2016 reimbursement rates and 2015 results will determine 2017 reimbursement rates. Given the almost two-year delay in reward or penalty in reimbursement rates and the significant impact on group and individual revenues FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR, a single poor scoring clinician can reduce the entire clinic income for an year. (See ‘Why you should test in 2014’)
  • In ‘Provider Compare’ on the CMS website, provider level detail will be unavailable and only clinic level scores will be available if your clinic performs the less costly group-level survey. Reimbursement rates – reward or penalty – are established under the umbrella of one tax ID number. CMS is interested in computing rates for each tax ID (the clinic level) but patients and ADMISTRATORS would prefer the opportunity to compare physicians!

Our recommendation is always to :

  • Be proactive
  • Ensure success and maximize reimbursement
  • Identify low and high performers
  • Reward high achievers
  • Take substantive steps to improve patient experience provided by low performers

This can only be accomplished through physician/provider-specific data collection.

For more information, please use our CG-CAHPS Information Request Form.

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