Strategic Planning

Percy & Company - Marketing Services - Strategic Planning

Every organization is encouraged to plan strategically. Often the ‘plan’ is shelved while day-to-day pressures dominate. At Percy & Company we facilitate realistic planning efforts that lead to action – not stagnation. Let us show you how to approach the exercise of organizational strategy development that will produce something other than a ‘plan’ – our programs produce successful strategies!

Strategic planning allows your organization to bring together key people to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; develop goals and objectives; and most importantly, write a strategic plan of operation with a time table for implementation and item responsibility. Frequently, strategic planning is conducted in an environment of isolation or retreat to obtain complete focus by participants. Percy & Company has acted as the facilitator for both large and small business groups to set goals and objectives, and to develop action plans for employee involvement. Percy & Company stands ready to assist and direct your planning effort in whatever location that is determined appropriate.