Anyone who has a product or service to sell, wants to create a positive public image, wants to know whether an idea will work or is working, wants to know how to satisfy customers, wants to influence the thinking of a group of people, or wants to persuade others to action, will benefit from good market research. Market research is the information foundation on which sales strategies are built, corporate images are established, and customer attitudes are changed. The bottom line is that good, sound market research, used to develop a realistic strategic plan, positively affects your bottom line.

You don’t have to be a large corporation to use market research and strategic planning in your business. Both can be tailored to fit the needs and the budgets of even the smallest firm. Actually, good market research and strategic planning will save you money! Good research and planning will lead to a more efficient and effective organization. When your sales efforts, your advertising, and corporate strategy are all aimed at the right target audience with the right messages, you will increase the effectiveness of every dollar your spend.

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