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Anyone who has a product or service to sell, wants to create a positive public image, wants to know whether an idea will work or is working, wants to know how to satisfy customers, wants to influence the thinking of a group of people, or wants to persuade others to action, will benefit from good market research. Market research is the information foundation on which sales strategies are built, corporate images are established, and customer attitudes are changed. The bottom line is that good, sound market research, used to develop a realistic strategic plan, positively affects your bottom line.

What We Can Do For You

You don’t have to be a large corporation to use market research and strategic planning in your business. Both can be tailored to fit the needs and the budgets of even the smallest firm. Actually, good market research and strategic planning will save you money! Good research and planning will lead to a more efficient and effective organization. When your sales efforts, your advertising, and corporate strategy are all aimed at the right target audience with the right messages, you will increase the effectiveness of every dollar your spend. Learn more about our many services below …

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Our Research Methods

Percy & Company is focused on methodologies which we apply, or create, to provide you with highly actionable tools versus the static volume of uninformative tables, charts and excessive documentation, which seems to be the industry norm.

Solving problems is seldom prohibited by logistical (or budgetary) requirements because we build flexibility into the design and application of research and planning methodologies (including systems which you can internalize) to maximize partnership resources.

Door-to-door Surveys

Our door-to-door drop-off / pick-up methodology enables a more comprehensive survey than a traditional face-to-face interview. Participants complete a four-page professionally printed survey booklet in private, at their own pace, and the interviewer returns at a later time to retrieve the completed survey. As representatives of Percy & Company, interviewers are carefully chosen and thoroughly trained in the door-to-door survey process. Surveys are conducted on weekends when a greater percentage of people are expected to be at home.

This method enables us to target specific neighborhoods within our client’s demographic target range while also allowing us to reach a younger demographic (20’s, 30’s and 40’s), the growing number of households without landlines, and individuals who don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

Contrary to what might be expected, door-to-door surveys do not limit the extent of geographical area that can be covered. Percy & Company has applied this methodology across an entire state – most recently to a four-county area in Southwest Florida for a healthcare client.

Focus Groups

A focus group is a form of qualitative research in which participants are asked about their perceptions, opinions, beliefs, and attitudes towards a product, service, concept, advertisement, idea, or packaging. Participants are recruited via telephone, often from a client-provided customer list. Percy & Company works with the client to develop an outline of key strategic questions. A moderator then presents this outline in an interactive group setting where participants are free to talk with other group members. Our system allows clients to view their focus groups in real time via closed-circuit television from a remote location, or via a 2-way mirror from an adjoining room.

Percy & Company has recruited and moderated more focus groups than any other full-service market research firm in the Gulf South. We specialize in the ability to conduct groups in small to mid-size markets where no formal focus group facilities exist. We take pride in our expertise in recruiting participants who meet our client’s unique demographic specifications, as well as assembling specialty groups comprised of hard-to-reach professionals such as physicians, attorneys and small business owners.

Telephone Surveys

Percy & Company – Market Research – Telephone Surveys
While this methodology is being used less and less due to caller ID technologies and the growing number of households without landlines, it can be an effective survey method for clients who maintain customer lists – especially when the interviewer indicates they are calling on behalf of the client. Percy & Company has been conducting telephone interviews since the 1980’s and are well-versed in this methodology. However, since most people who respond to telephone surveys tend to be seniors, Percy & Company now recommends our door-to-door drop-off / pick-up methodology to most of our clients.

Mail Surveys

Questionnaires are sent out and returned via mail. Many clients prefer this less intrusive approach, especially when they maintain large customer or patient files. At Percy & Company, we utilize this methodology for many of our healthcare clients to gauge patient satisfaction. Mail surveys offer a high degree of anonymity which is especially beneficial if the topic is sensitive in nature. This methodology also allows respondents to complete the survey at a time which is convenient for them and enables multiple open-ended questions to be included on the questionnaire.

Select Personal Interviews

This methodology is recommended when a client seeks the opinions of a small, select sample such as physicians, legislators or attorneys. These types of professionals have busy schedules and are unlikely to respond to a telephone or mail survey. Appointments are scheduled in advance and normally conducted personally by Adrian Percy, president of Percy & Company. The questions are in an outline format, allowing for a less structured and free-flowing type of interview.

Face-To-Face Interviews

Interviewers approach individuals in public settings and ask if they have a few minutes to respond to a survey. The survey may be on a clipboard or administered from a handheld PDA device. Percy & Company has conducted numerous face-to-face interviews at malls across the south, as well as unique locales such as downtown districts, festivals, and sporting eve


The majority of market research firms now use the Internet to collect consumer data. Thousands of respondents can be contacted instantly, including many demographics previously unavailable. While this may sound advantageous, online data is notoriously unreliable due to the inherent difficulty in verifying a respondent’s identity, personal information, location, or claimed demographics. Also, because of financial incentives offered to complete many online surveys, it is common for one individual to use multiple email addresses to respond to the survey several times.

A recent nationwide survey of market research professionals found a high degree of concern regarding the quality/integrity of consumer data currently being collected via the Internet. For these and other reasons, Percy & Company does not rely on online data collection as its primary source of information.

  • Online Surveys: These surveys are fast and efficient in collecting data. Survey participants are mailed codes that allow us to prevent disclosure of confidential participant information. Our CAHPS surveys are mailed to participants but are given the option of returning the mailed form or using a computer, tablet or smartphone to complete the survey. No participant information is ever placed on the internet.
  • Pop-Up Surveys: These can be effective for national or international firms looking to conduct brief surveys of anonymous individuals, but are not effective on a local or regional level.
  • Survey Panel Companies: Many research companies now outsource data collection to online survey panel companies. While this makes it easy for the research company, there are inherent drawbacks to this methodology. There is no way to verify a respondent’s identity, personal information, location, or claimed demographics, and the financial incentives offered to complete these surveys encourage their misuse.
  • Email: Due to the threat of online viruses and time constraints, most people simply delete emails from unknown sources. As a result, email surveys are notoriously ineffective. A long-time client Percy & Company recently hired an online research outlet to conduct an email survey. Of 80,000 emails sent around the world to insurance brokers, the client received less than 20 completed surveys.
  • Social Media: May be a viable alternative in the future but not currently.
Community Needs Assesment

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act mandates that most 501(c)(3) hospitals in the United States conduct a Community Needs Assessment. Percy & Company has the experience and qualifications necessary to deliver an approved assessment with multiple options based on your budget constraints. Our assessment team consists of Percy & Company executives, Sherry Bright of Bright Strategies, and Barbara Carey of The Communication Institute (www.tcigroup.net).

The needs assessment process is best maintained as an ongoing program of community outreach and perpetual information gathering.. Percy & Company can assist in organization and executive the entire assessment process for your hospital or conduct surveys and community meetings with citizen groups as well as community and business leaders. We can even help you get the process started and structure for ongoing client management.

Strategic Planning

Every organization is encouraged to plan strategically. Often the ‘plan’ is shelved while day-to-day pressures dominate. At Percy & Company we facilitate realistic planning efforts that lead to action – not stagnation. Let us show you how to approach the exercise of organizational strategy development that will produce something other than a ‘plan’ – our programs produce successful strategies!

Strategic Planning, Strategic Growth

Strategic planning allows your organization to bring together key people to identify strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; develop goals and objectives; and most importantly, write a strategic plan of operation with a time table for implementation and item responsibility. Frequently, strategic planning is conducted in an environment of isolation or retreat to obtain complete focus by participants. Percy & Company has acted as the facilitator for both large and small business groups to set goals and objectives, and to develop action plans for employee involvement. Percy & Company stands ready to assist and direct your planning effort in whatever location that is determined appropriate.

Tax Referendums

City councils, parks and recreation departments, schools and many hospitals are supported through public taxes – either sales or property. In today’s anti-tax environment passage of a tax initiative for a public entity is more than just a challenge – it may be a question of survival.

Just because an organization exists for a worthwhile purpose and provides needed services, this does not mean the electorate is going to readily renew or increase their tax obligations. At Percy & Company we approach a tax initiative by first asking questions, analyzing the electorate, its sub-populations and their perspective on our client. Only then can we frame the most effective message and strategy to ensure successful passage.

Each community is different, as is every organization. We carefully devise a research methodology around the key issues and constituencies. If you’re agency or hospital is considering a renewal or new tax initiative, talk to us before you go to the voters.