Door-to-Door Surveys

Percy & Company - Market Research - Door to Door Surveys

Our door-to-door drop-off / pick-up methodology enables a more comprehensive survey than a traditional face-to-face interview. Participants complete a four-page professionally printed survey booklet in private, at their own pace, and the interviewer returns at a later time to retrieve the completed survey. As representatives of Percy & Company, interviewers are carefully chosen and thoroughly trained in the door-to-door survey process. Surveys are conducted on weekends when a greater percentage of people are expected to be at home.

This method enables us to target specific neighborhoods within our client’s demographic target range while also allowing us to reach a younger demographic (20’s, 30’s and 40’s), the growing number of households without landlines, and individuals who don’t answer calls from unknown numbers.

Contrary to what might be expected, door-to-door surveys do not limit the extent of geographical area that can be covered. Percy & Company has applied this methodology across an entire state – most recently to a four-county area in Southwest Florida for a healthcare client.