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Percy & Company President Adrian Percy

Adrian Percy, President

Adrian Percy, president of Percy & Company, holds a Masters of Business Administration from Louisiana State University with an emphasis in marketing. He was a faculty member of the LSU College of Business Administration from 1980-1988, and served as an instructor and consultant with the LSU Office of Government Programs in the mid 1990’s. Mr. Percy has published numerous academic and industry articles regarding the healthcare and financial industries.


Percy & Company, headquartered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has been in the business of market research and strategic planning since 1982. Providing expertise to small businesses, large corporations, and governmental agencies, the company has pioneered novel market research methods and applications across the gulf south.

Cost Efficient Results

Whether the objective is to increase sales, improve a corporate image, introduce a new product, influence a business decision, streamline the organization, or increase human potential, our firm can design a cost-efficient plan to meet your budget and achieve the desired results. Our 30+ years of operation and many clients provide testimony to the effectiveness of the Percy & Company approach.

A Comprehensive Approach

Our firm views market research not as an end in itself, but rather a process leading to organizational success. Percy & Company doesn’t only provide research results, we apply the knowledge and insights gained from that research to assist clients in developing strategies to meet their goals. We identify barriers to success and develop strategies to eliminate those barriers. We help clients identify target customers and assist them in creating and communicating effective messages to reach those customers.

Once a strategic plan is developed, the daily pressures of running a business can overshadow its application. At Percy & Company, we take the next crucial step and facilitate realistic implementation programs. We assist our clients in integrating the new strategies into the daily running of their organizations. We help ensure that your strategic plan leaps from the binder and hits the ground running!

Unique Client Needs

Each client is different, as are the solutions to the particular business challenges they face. The process of market research and planning begins with a clear understanding of the client’s organization, capabilities, goals, and willingness to implement change. We identify your current need for strategic information with an eye toward future application. Only then do we recommend research methods tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Percy & Company is committed to a partnership with each client. Working as a member of your organization’s team, including both in-house and outside parties, we evaluate and develop strategies to achieve your business goals.

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