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Value Of Provider-level CG-CAHPS Survey vs. Less Costly Group-level Survey

As part of MIPS, CMS pays for and conducts group level CG-CAHPS for participating clinics of 25 plus providers. CG-CAHPS has been designed [and appropriately named] to measure patient experience at the clinician or group level more »

CG-CAHPS: Can my clinic do it ourselves or should we hire a vendor?

The short answer to this question is . . . No. Yes your office can conduct any survey and analyze the data but if your purpose is to meet or to test to see how your office compares to other clinics on the CMS mandated CG-CAHPS survey, you cannot. more »

Should a medical practice begin CAHPS for MIPS in 2017?

The answer to this question is as easy as . . . “Because it is the prudent thing to do!” However, this logic is certainly not universally accepted. In fact, I talk to many more practice managers who reject the idea of conducting any type of patient experience measurement than those who readily embrace the concept of ‘patient centered’ healthcare. Probably the most often repeated objection to measuring the patient experience sounds something like . . . more »

What is the real quality of market research data?

What is the real quality of market research data?

A recent survey of market research vendors and their clients/buyers from across the United States found a strong concern among industry vendors for the actual quality of data they are providing to their clients. The client buyers rated their concerns somewhat lower. Does this suggest those of us working in the market research industry are seeing – or at least feeling – something we are loath to tell our clients? more »

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